Hands-on Robot Basics

An overview of the workshop and links for doing more with Arduino.
Brief discussion and practical hands on with the basics.
Discuss what micro-controllers are
Show a list of interesting Arduino projects (see list at the bottom.
Then we work our way through as many concepts and practical examples as possible in the given time.

Arduino Examples covered;

We are using the Parallax BOEBot Robot for Arduino Kit. Although you can build your own servo controlled robot easily enough. This "MothBot" is servo controlled.

For those learning Arduino completely on their I'd recommend the Sparkfun Inventors Kit. I like how well they've made the illustrated book to go along precisely with the parts in the kit. Yes the parts are cheaper if you buy them elsewhere so if you prefer you can just buy the book on it's own, or download the PDF from the link on that page.

Online Arduino Tutorials
Arduino Example code
Adafruit Arduino Tutorials
Sparkfun Arduino Tutorials
Instructables that tagged with Arduino
Makezine Arduino Projects

Shop for Arduino and Electronics supplies
Smile.Amazon.com Support your choice of non-profit (I choose HeatSync Labs)

HeatSync Labs has a monthly Arduino night on the First Wednesday of every month. As well as a lot of other fun events on their schedule. Check out the calendar.

The examples of projects I mentioned
Flying a drone with google glass
Flame throwing Jack-O-Lantern
Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock
Automated gardening
Radio Controlled Lawnmower
Coffee Bean Roaster
The Arduino Mothbot (similar style robot as covered in the workshop)
Servo controlled light switch
Arduino Cellphone
Garage door opener
Lots of quadcopter instructables
CNC Mill for accurate metal working

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