Paper Electronics

After Natalie Freed visited HeatSync Labs and shared paper electronics I've been hosting similar paper electronics events. This page covers the basics. Some photos, where you can get supplies, links to creative things you can do. Also for a lot more links about this type of thing this wiki page has more stuff and Sparkfun covers the topic well also here.

Just a few photos;
A robot card

A paper airplane

Origami Tulips for my library display;

More of my blog posts about paper electronics;
From my event at the Southwest Maker Fest
More Southwest Maker Fest
From the Southeast Regional Library (in Gilbert)
Fortune Teller
Flower Display

Supplies you need;
Copper Tape similar tape can be picked up at some at hardware stores

Surface Mount LEDs

Flashy rainbow LEDs
Color LED pack
Coin Cell Batteries

If you want to make them more advanced you can add a micro-controller;
Tiny AVR Programmer
ATTiny 85 chips
Video of a basic programmed chip with code and wiring

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