Monday, February 10, 2014

Woodworking Saturday

Hey everyone. I forgot to mention I co-hosted a woodworking day last Saturday with Robert Douglass at HeatSync Labs.

Make sure to watch the HeatSync calendar for things that might interest you. I won't be duplicating most things from the HeatSync calendar here. I will make sure to post events I'm hosting though.

While Robert and I Co-Hosted the event. Jason and Larry stepped it up a notch getting us hand on with the lathe.

Jason walked us through using the planer. It left a beautifully smooth surface.

Marita got a project pretty much completed.

Jason brought some stuff to work on, and brought his neat clamp jig for his work.

Jason and Larry demonstrated the wood lathe.

We had over 10 people out. I'll have to remember to get a wider shot of all the action next time. I also missed photos of the tools inside as well. Lots of good stuff going on.

We had a great time. Everyone worked together setting up, taking down, and cleaning up. There is talk of a follow up wood working day. Join in the discussion if you want to contribute.

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