Friday, March 14, 2014

Vote on iMesa

This is a call to Mesa residents to vote on iMesa to suggest the City of Mesa donate a building to HeatSync Labs. It's really easy to vote on iMesa and you can allocate 3 votes to this idea. Other proposals on iMesa have been approved and funded including one that received $2.6M to renovate the extra museum space.

HeatSync could really use more room and better power infrastructure to support more of what we do. There are tools currently stored offsite just because we don't have the space. My last Electronics Study Group coincided with a visit from Code for America (FYI a fantastic group). Both groups made it work out, but more room would mean fewer worries about over booking the space.

Mayor Scott Smith responded positively to the idea on Twitter thanks to blhack. Please do your part to give this idea more support. Click and vote here.

Here are photos of the lab full of people during the last hackathon run by HackPHX

OK stop waiting go here to vote.

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