Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Robot Workshop Success!

The Hands-on Robot Basics workshops I've hosted with the Summer Reading Program have been really satisfying.

In the first workshop several kids repeatedly said "this is so much fun". That's how I knew I had to add more boring material. OK not really. I tried to give them the real nitty gritty practical know how and they loved it!

Two participants of another robot workshop were at my soldering event and are planning to go to the paper electronics event as well. That is the best positive feedback I can get. I'm really glad I can support those who really want to do this stuff.

Sadly I don't have another robot workshop on the schedule yet. I know more people will want a basics workshop and those that came out will want another topic. I think I can do this by having a Hands-on Robot Sensor Basics. Those from previous workshops will be able to learn about sensors, yet the workshop would still be at the basic level for those without experience. I'll post here when it starts. Or you can contact me in the form on the right and ask me to let you know when another event gets set up.

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