Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shopping for Electronics

This is all about how I shop for electronics as well as links to things I already buy. There are some details on things I buy on the paper electronics page. I'll reiterate some of that.

The newest thing is for me to buy things on Aliexpress. Things on this site ship from China so you won't get these fast, but they can be free or low cost shipping. They can also be expensive to ship so keep an eye on that cost.

Here is the first thing that made me try Aliexpress; A low cost reliable Arduino Uno Compatible. Some other people I know ordered them and they worked well. Your computer may take a minute or 2 to properly identify the board the first time, but it should be smooth otherwise.

I still love Adafruit and Sparkfun, and they are the best bet when you don't know enough about a product and want to have a tutorial on how to use it. Also for designs that are open source so you can test it out and include stuff from their schematics in your own project design.

If you don't know where to begin looking for a part start at the Adafruit Part finder. They have links to parts on Digikey and Mouser. You can also find things on Amazon.com.

Just a bunch of parts I have bought and like in no particular order;

This battery charger and Amazon Basic batteries
color pack of LEDs (clear package)
Red Jumper Wires; I just needed more red LEDs. Cheaper to buy only what I needed.
pager motors for brushbots
leatherman Squirt; this is super handy for wire stripping and snipping.
flashy LEDs; fun color changing LED's
Jumper wire

Anything I'm missing or any questions please post an reply.

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